Hi, My Name Is…Rosalie!

The Montessori Country School is a leading provider of Montessori education held up by it’s phenomenal teachers, administrators, and staff. So we think it’s time you meet them!

Say hello to Rosalie De Francesca.
Rosalie is the Admissions Director & Vice Principal of our Nobleton Campus. Rosalie guides new families through the process of registering and onboarding, welcoming them to the MCS Community.

What inspired you to become a teacher? I enjoy working and teaching children, the Montessori Philosophy, and exploration of the Activities & Apparatus!

How long have you been at the Montessori Country School? 19 years.

What is the best thing about working at MCS? The beautiful country ground and dedication to the authenticity of the Montessori Education!

What is your favourite MCS event? International Day & Maria Montessori Week.

What is the most memorable moment at MCS so far? Observing both of my own children experience the journey at MCS in all levels of Toddler, Casa, & Elementary!

What do you hope to provide for your students? A safe, happy and consistent place to learn and grow.

My favourite place to be, in the classroom observing the children learn and grow. I started teaching in the Casa classroom at MCS in the fall of 2002 and spent 16 years learning and growing before transitioning into my administrative role. This is where I developed all the tools and experience to prepare for my position today as Vice Principal at the Nobleton Campus and Admissions Director for MCS schools!

Our MCs family is dedicated to learning, growing and enriching lives & we’re excited for you to join the family!

January 15, 2021


New Year, New Plans

We often believe that learning begins with our ABC’s and 123’s however this is not where it ends. An important component of learning amongst toddlers and young children is our fundamental skillset. This includes organization and planning and with the new year there is never a better time to start. At MCS this learning furthers in the classroom, however majority of it takes place at home. Organization helps children come up with a plan and follow through to get work done and with at home learning becoming more necessary this is a necessary component to set children up for success. Organization allows kids to increasingly become more independent and helps students learn and retain information. There are great benefits, short term and long term, to helping your child become more organized, so let’s start talking about how.

The basis of organization begins with the little things.

  • Assist your child in cultivating a habit of building checklists or to – do lists, this helps in providing a visual aid of things that need to be done
  • Build a schedule with your child for their day, including time for homework, for play, naps, etc. This is a great tool to help them learn how to organize time.
  • Creating designated work spaces for school work helps keep school separate, allowing them to have better focus and concentration – this is a great tip for our virtual program students!
  • Creating easy to use and do it yourself stations with your child for their belongings allows them to develop independency and by having specific locations of their toys, school supplies, sports equipment, etc. and it allows them to understand an organization element.

These are just a few tips of many, and with whatever tools and resources work best for your family we’re all in this together. Included HERE is our MCS planning guide, follow along with us or make your own!

Happy New Year to our MCS community! We’re hoping this year brings brightness, smiles and eager minds to our MCS friends.

Happy Planning!

Posted: January 7, 2021


Around the world in 60 minutes – International Day at MCS

On Friday, November 27th, Montessori Country School celebrated International Day, inviting our MCS families to join us – virtually – for a trip around the world. During the few weeks leading up to International Day, students in each class researched their designated countries and created presentations about different aspects of the cultures to share with families. Students and families documented their journey with ‘passports’ made by the students and virtual presentations of each country. With all the cancelled vacations and postponed sight seeing, our International Day journey was exactly what we needed. Students learned and experienced different countries and cultures and we all felt like we were -sitting in an Irish pub or visiting the Taj Mahal or participating in a Japanese Tea Ceremony.

International Day display
Students presenting about the United States of America
Student’s flag of India
Practicing walking in Japanese Geta
Casa Ireland Display
Study of Japanese flag

Creepin’ It Real

The students, families and staff at Montessori Country School had a fang-tastic time this past weekend during our virtual Halloween celebration. We called all ghouls and goblins of the Milton and Nobleton Campuses for a spooky costume parade, to sing creepy songs and participate in some festive activities.

Finding ways to keep our students engaged and create a cultivating environment, we sent students home with kits to participate in some Halloween themed crafts and a fan favourite science experiment. Creating a chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda, students ooo-ed, ah-ed and laughed at their explosive plastic-baggie pumpkins.

Not only an event to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, this was an event to bring together our community during this time of social distancing and be together once again. On a spectacular day celebrated with wonderful costumes and giant smiles, families and staff were united in the spirit of Halloween. Boo-yah!

Some of our MCS staff showing off their costumes for our Halloween parade! Boo!
A hallway at MCS decorated in the Halloween spirit!

Posted: November 4, 2020


We love our Moms!


-collaborative poem by Milton’s Lower Elementary Students

My mom is the best,
Better than the rest.

I love my mom,
My mom is always calm.

Mom is never wrong,
She loves me all along.

My mom is great,
She’s always my mate.

My mom loves to walk,
She also loves to talk.

Mom’s a very good cook,
And she loves a good book.

My mom likes to sleep,
And she doesn’t drive a Jeep.

My mom likes to run,
And she likes to eat a bun.

My mom likes to make stuff,
And that is enough.

My mom likes to paint with me
We love each others company.

My mom loves to sleep in,
And the floor is always creakin’.

My mom is the best,
Better than the rest.

 Posted:  May 7, 2020


MCS Virtual Classroom

For the past 4 weeks, our Elementary and 3rd year Casa students have been experiencing an MCS virtual classroom.

Many people ask how you can take an experiential, hands-on experience, as you would find in a Montessori classroom, and bring it to the virtual world?  Our teachers have worked diligently researching the best practices in on-line learning and have built a strong program, tailored to the social and academic needs of each child.


Casa Program

Casa children meet for class at 9:00 a.m. until noon from Monday to Friday with Mrs. DeFrancesca.  During the 3-hour work cycle, the students have opportunities to explore science experiments, reading activities, writing tasks, math challenges, project work, music, gym, French and social experiences. The students have daily opportunities to share their work with their peers and this has strengthened their public speaking, articulation and presentation skills.  Schedules, handouts, printable materials, etc. are emailed to the parents before each morning so the students can come prepared for the all the exciting activities for each day.  Fridays are a favourite as the students have been going on virtual field trips to museums, art galleries and zoos.

Flower arranging

Flower Arranging:  This toddler child is arranging flowers at home.  The idea was shared with families as it is a favourite in the classroom!

Matching fruits

Matching Fruits:  This toddler child is matching fruit models with picture cards.  The idea and cards were shared with the families.

Zoom conference at home

Zoom Conference:  This SK child is on a Zoom conference with his teacher.


Elementary Program

The Elementary students also have daily Zoom sessions from 9:00 – noon but they also have 1 hour each afternoon of a Specialty classes (French/Art, Gym, Music) plus twice weekly one-on-one sessions in the afternoon with their teacher.  Through these one-on-one sessions, the teachers have the opportunity to support the students’ individual needs and give direct guidance and instruction based on the child’s individual learning needs and style.

Elementary botany experiment plant veins

Botany Experiment:  The experiment was demonstrated by the teacher on Zoom and the students were then asked to find  veggies in their fridge and re-create the experiment.  They presented their findings a few days later.

Elementary rainforest project

Rainforest Project:  The students learned about the rainforest and were asked to make a representation of what they enjoyed learning.



Nothing will ever compare to face-to-face interactions, but we believe our program has been the best solution during this stay-at-home period.  We have found that the combination of group morning sessions and individualized afternoon sessions are meeting the student’s unique learning styles as well as addressing the need for social interactions and peer teaching. When we get back into the classroom, we are confident that our students will not have lost any learning momentum or social interactions.  We are proud to be able to continue to support all aspects of our student’s education needs, including academic, social and most importantly mental health.


Posted: April 29, 2020