Why Montessori?

It’s Montessori Education week, and we’re enjoying honouring the importance of this week at MCS! Students are engaged in learning the history of Maria Montessori through stories; working on timelines and reflections and having fun with crafts. But why is there all this focus on Maria Montessori and Montessori Education? What sets it apart from public education? How is it beneficial

  1. We value each child as a unique individual. We recognize that learning takes place in different ways and through varied learning styles. We allow our students to learn at their own pace, and allow them to advance when they are ready. This is guided by the materials, supported by their teachers and, through designed individual learning plans.
  2. From an early age, Montessori nurtures order, concentration, and independence. Our classroom environments, materials and routines are all created with the intention to support our student’s self-regulation.
  3. Students are part of a close and caring community. Our students are part of a school community that works together to cultivate learning in our environments and supports each other to build strong foundations of Grace and Courtesy in the development of our students.
  4. Students are able to enjoy their freedom within limits. A key component of the Montessori education is the freedom students are granted to learn and work within their classroom community. Students are given the freedom to make their own decisions with guidance from our teachers in respect to their learning.
  5. Students are supported throughout their journey in becoming active seekers of knowledge. Our students are given the materials and support they need to pursue answers to their questions. We find that internal satisfaction drives student’s curiosity and interests and results in joyful learning.
  6. Self-correction and self-assessment are important parts of the Montessori approach. Students are encouraged to learn internally and look at their work critically, to adapt and grow. This helps build their skills for learning but also for self-development.
  7. Montessori supports social-emotional skills. Contemporary research supports the 100-year-old Montessori Method’s effectiveness, indicating that children who learn in Montessori classrooms demonstrate stronger social-emotional skills in many areas than children in more traditional environments.


There are several benefits to a Montessori Education, but the primary focus that we deliver at The Montessori Country School  is the care for our students, the emphasis on enrichment and growth.

We invite you to visit our website and book an inquiry to learn more. Happy Montessori Education Week!