Enhancement planned programming is based on the overall development of the growing Elementary child, considering their academic, social, emotional, and physical development. All program specifics are sent out throughout the Terms prior to the events taking place. In the Fall we focus on Student Leadership! Focus is placed on character building and personal excellence, financial literacy and business skills, and lifelong mental and physical health-fitness skills. The sessions are led by a certified coach and will also include our families joining us for an engaging in-person presentation.

The Elementary students complete Safety Program for Kids. This program is developed by first aid, safety, and aquatic experts with years of experience teaching children. The teachers are trained to deliver the 8-week program to the students once per week. At the end of the program, the students will receive a certificate of completion of this training program. The course content is divided into 5 sections: People Safety, Online Safety, Travel & Fire Safety, Prevention and First Aid. Under each section, topics such as UN Rights of the Child, Tricky People, Bullying, Self-Defense, Downloading Apps, Creating Profiles, Passwords, Fake Profiles, Cyberbullying, Travel Safety, Travel Safety Signs, Helmet Safety, Road Safety, Fire Safety, Injury Prevention, and Calling 911. The students will engage in quizzes and activities to ensure their understanding and knowledge base of the program content.

Outdoor Education

Field trips are planned and booked through the academic year with an exciting start in adventures such as Treetop Trekking where students can complete the Discovery Courses and Trekking. We end or school year together with an overnight camping trip!


The Elementary class will take part in a 4-week STEM program in January. The focus of these classes will be on learning Coding, Minecraft, and Robotics. Individual Kiwi kits will be purchased for each student. Following the Montessori approach, we will discuss the options available with the students and order based on the class vote. Various times throughout the year, Science workshops will be held, topics presented will include Earthworks, Lights Colour Action, Super Sticky Stuff, The Glow Show, Wacky Waves, Watts Up, Brixology, and Kitchen Chemistry.


Students in the Spring attend an annual field trip to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Mindfulness and creative expression through a range of artworks by contemporary Black and Indigenous artists in the AGO’s collection are explored to understand how artists have used visual media as a source of inspiration and wellness. Collaborative art classes will take place at the school. An artist will be brought in to work with the students. Yearly, we create a collaborative art piece for the school. Inviting Drumming Companies and closely working with Artists, MCS students engage in interactive hands-on activities such as drumming circle sessions which provide benefits of mental clarity, physical energy, mood enhancement, and community connection. Literacy Authors visit our Elementary students to conduct writing workshops.

What's new and continuing at MCS:


Podcasts can be such an amazing way to bring technology and media into the elementary classroom. We will offer our students alternative experiences to learn new things and sharpen their listening skills and comprehension. Podcasts will also offer an innovative way for students to learn new topics that are interesting to them!

Health and Wellness During the winter months

The students will have a yoga instructor visit their classroom. Yoga is a wonderful way to bring mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness to the students. It is also a great form of exercise and stretching for our bodies. MCS will partner with Nurses in the community in the Winter Term. This program focuses on community health and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. A third-year nursing student will join us to discuss good hygiene, healthy eating, exercise, and lead the students in anti-bullying discussions.

We are very excited to be able to offer Elementary Enhancement Programming and are always looking for new, innovative experiences to share with our students.