Autism Awareness – Montessori and Children with Autism

The Montessori pedagogy supports individualized programming for children, which is of great benefit  for children on the Autism spectrum. Children are responsible for choosing their ‘work.’ focusing their time and effort for as long as they require in order to feel comfortable with it, and for mastery of the skill. This allows them to have autonomy in their learning experience.

As described from a parent’s perspective from the Age of Montessori:

“The prepared environment of the Montessori classroom provides a consistent (children with autism do not like change,) safe environment where children can benefit from watching other children choose and participate in activities before they get involved themselves. This is very important for Autism-spectrum kids; they will usually prefer to observe many times before they make their own attempt. In the Montessori classroom, this is acceptable, even encouraged, and children are never forced into an activity.”

In Montessori,  children are able to recognize and attend to their own needs and be in an environment that supports this process.

To read more about the benefits of Montessori for children with Autism check out How Montessori Benefits Children with Autism: 5 Resources for You

At MCS we strive to ensure our curriculum and environments are prepared to support inclusivity.

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April is recognized as Autism Awareness month and April 2nd is recognized as World Autism Awareness Day. To learn more about Autism awareness and how you can show your support visit