5 Tips for At Home Lunches

Let’s face it, when at-home learning began the thought ‘this is great I don’t have to make lunches every morning now’ definitely popped into our heads once or twice. However, now in the second wave we’ve all come back down to reality and realized that stopping the work day or being interrupted in the middle of our tasks to make a kid-friendly lunch is not ideal! Here are 5 tips and tricks to make lunches easier, quicker and dare I say tastier? Take a look!
  1. Keep it simple A great way to save some time during your day is to cut some veggies and fruit the night before or morning of and pull these out for every lunch. This way your sides are taken care of and this can be done once every few days to save you some extra time. These can also double as great snacks during the day for when your kiddos (or yourselves) need something to munch on!
  2. Sandwiches are never out of the question. Sandwiches are a great meal to toss together in the morning and save your day from being interrupted. They can be made with almost any combination and are super easy to cater to any dietary restrictions as well. You can also spice these up by subbing in a tortilla wrap or lettuce leaves for your bread, or using a panini press for a gourmet touch.
  3. Think about the pasta-bilities! Pasta salads are another easy, quick, and customizable option that is easy to prepare the night before or morning of. A great way to get in veggies and proteins (beans, chickpeas and tofu are a great vegetarian option!) and add in great flavours with different sauces or dressings. This is also a great option for our picky eaters out there as it is super easy to remove and add in what each kid likes and dislikes, respectively.
  4. We’re soup-er excited for this one! For the colder winter days, soups and stews are great lunches to make the night before and easily reheated in the microwave or on the stove in a few minutes. Another easy and customizable option, soups and stews are great with several ways to make them. Whole wheat crackers or whole wheat toast goes great with this delicious and fast option.
  5. Treat yourself! Lastly, take a break occasionally and order in. Just because you didn’t make it, that doesn’t mean it needs to be any less nutritional and wholesome. Check out Wholesome GO and try some of their mini meals, a perfect kid friendly lunch, delivered right to your door ready-to-heat and serve.
Like all meals lunches are supposed to be delicious and nutritious – so don’t sweat the little stuff. At home learning is an adjustment for everyone, so let’s focus on taking it one meal at a time. Stay safe, stay well, and let’s continue to nourish minds (and stomachs).