The Montessori Country School Uniform Policy is applicable for our Casa and Elementary students. Children in our Toddler Program should wear comfortable clothing that allows them the freedom to move and use the washroom with ease.

The intention of the Uniform Policy is to develop a sense of community and belonging among our students. Research has linked uniforms, and the pride in wearing them, to positive student behavior, academic performance, and overall success.

“Dress Down Days” are offered at the school regularly which allow students to come in attire outside of their uniforms.

Uniform Policy


The Montessori Country School (MCS) requires all Casa & Elementary students to wear a school uniform to support our students to take pride in belonging to their school community. All MCS students are expected to adhere to the Uniform Policy.


Casa and Elementary students are required to wear their uniform daily to school and for all external outings inclusive of field trips and community outreach.

Aims and objectives The aims of this policy are to:

  • ensure clarity of what can be worn or not at school.
  • promote a sense of pride in our school.
  • help to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school.
  • ensure that our pupils can be clearly identified with our school.
  • support our commitment to inclusion.
  • ensure pupils’ uniforms are practical, smart, affordable and are suitable, with health and safety in mind.

The Uniform can be bought with the Montessori Country School logo  from our supplier, R. J. McCarthy,


  • Grey or White short-sleeve T-shirt
  • White short sleeve or long sleeve Gulf Shirt
  • White short sleeve or long sleeve Oxford Shirt
  • White short sleeve or long sleeve Peter Pan Blouse
  • Grey or Navy Dri-Fit T-shirt
  • Navy Knit Pullover
  • Navy Crewneck Sweat Top


  • Navy Dress Pant
  • Navy Casual Pant – Pull on
  • Navy Casual Pant – Cotton Twill
  • Navy Box Pleat Tunic
  • Navy Pleated Skort
  • Navy Dri-Fit Shirt

Footwear For health and safety reasons, we do not allow pupils to wear shoes with platform soles, Heelys, or high heels. Sandals and flip-flops are not permitted. Appropriate footwear includes running shoes, boots for outdoor recess, closed-toe flat shoes. Footwear should be comfortable and conducive to students putting on and taking off independently.

The Role of Parents

We believe that one of the responsibilities of parents is to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and that the child’s name is written on all items. Children who arrive at school wearing non-school uniforms will be loaned an appropriate item from the school where possible. Parents will be contacted to discuss the matter and may be requested to return to school with the correct clothing.

Help to provide Uniform:

The Montessori Country School accepts new and gently used items of clothing from students graduating from the school or when sizing has been outgrown. These items are available to families who may require these or would like to have supplementary uniform pieces.

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