The Montessori Country School has a Uniform Policy for Casa and Elementary students. Children in our Infant, Toddler and Preschool Programs should wear comfortable clothing that allows them the freedom to move and use the washroom with ease and adhere to the Dress and Appearance Guidelines below.

The intention of the Uniform Policy is to develop a sense of community and belonging among our students. Research has linked uniforms, and the pride in wearing them, to positive student behavior, academic performance, and overall success.

“Dress Down Days” will occur once a month (see School Calendar for dates) and dress even on these days shall adhere to appropriate standards, as stated below in the Dress and Appearance Guidelines.

MCS Uniform Policy

Please find listed below the logoed uniform items that are required for all MCS Casa and Elementary students on a daily basis. No deviation from this dress code will be permitted without notification from the office, which may be scheduled on occasion. The dress code must be adhered to on all field trips, unless otherwise indicated on field trip permission forms.

Casa students may wear the gym uniform daily, as the formal uniform pieces are optional for them. Children should be comfortable and dress according to their ability to dress and undress independently for bathroom use.

*Applicable to Casa students at the Nobleton Campus only. Milton Campus is optional.

Elementary students may wear their gym uniforms all day on their gym days but should wear formal uniform on days they do not have gym class.

All MCS Casa and Elementary students are expected to adhere to the MCS Uniform Policy.

Uniform Information

Our uniform supplier is Uniform Basics in Aurora at 255 Industrial Pkwy S, Aurora, ON, L4G 3V. Parents can also order all items online for home delivery. To order, select the SHOP YOUR SCHOOL from the SHOP menu drop-down and search the list to select “Montessori Country School” or click HERE. All uniform items are imprinted or embroidered with our MCS school logo.


All tops must be logoed. Some items are on both the School and Gym uniform list.


All tops must be logoed. Some items are on both the School and Gym uniform list.

Dress and Appearance Guidelines for Infant, Toddler and Pre-School, as well as all students on Dress Down Days:

  • Shorts, skirts and dresses/jumpers shall be modest and sufficient in length (max. 2” above knee)
  • Tops must cover shoulders and midriff (no tank tops, spaghetti straps or halters tops)
  • Pants should sit at waist (no pants that sit low on hips)
  • Undergarments should not be visible
  • No see-through or mesh clothing (with exception of mosquito jackets)
  • No clothing with written slogans or messages that can be construed to be offensive
  • No gang related clothing, accessories or symbols
  • Hats are not permitted to be worn inside the school building (with the exception of a themed “Hat Day”)
  • Sensible footwear for classroom activities (running shoes preferred – no lights, wheelies permitted)
  • No sandals in the playground or classroom – these do not provide enough foot protection

Consequences for Violations of the Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy

Children who are not wearing the required items daily will be given a reminder notice to take home to their parents. It will need to be signed and returned to the teacher.

Casa & Lower Elementary: 3 such notices in one month will result in a meeting called between the teacher and the parent. A repeat will result in a meeting with the Principal.

Upper Elementary: 3 such notices in one month will result in the student meeting with the Principal. A repeat will result in a meeting with the parents, student and Principal. Continued infractions will result in withdrawal of privileges, up to and including a one day in-school suspension.

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