We LOVE Our MCS Frontline Superheroes!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in several ways and in particular,  it has altered the education sector significantly. During these uncertain times our MCS faculty, students and their families have demonstrated resilience, adaptability and acceptance of new protocols and methods of program delivery. Our MCS educators have been true heroes, working hard to ensure the safety of everyone in our MCS communities, providing an adapted Montessori curriculum for our students and, doing it all with our values at the forefront. They have proven to be a beacon of strength and light in this time of uncertainty, doing everything they can to ensure the school environment remains one our students can continue to thrive in.

We would like to take some time now to show our support and appreciation for our educators –   our  frontline workers!

Here are three ways to show your appreciation!

1.       Write a letter Sometimes the greatest way to express gratitude and appreciation can be in a simple note or letter. Whether it’s via email or a handwritten note, kind words will show your appreciation and will be just what our frontline workers need.

2.       Make a sign for your front yard or window Grab your glitter and markers and make a decorative sign for your front yard or window to celebrate the frontline workers in your community.

3.       Show some kindness Appreciation can be observed in the little things as well and will bring a smile to those receiving. Remembering to show patience and kindness and thank frontline workers when you see them.

MCS will be expressing our appreciation for our frontline staff by showcasing their ‘Superhero Powers’. We will be highlighting our faculty this month on our Instagram account. Follow @montessoricountryschool on Instagram to see our Superheroes in Action!