• Is there Part-Time Programming?

    MCS is CCMA Accredited and offers mandatory 5 day programming with an option of Half Days for children under the age of 5 years old.
  • Can I apply at anytime or do I have to wait until September?

    Toddler and Casa: Applications to the Toddler & Casa Programming can be submitted at any time of the year, as these programs run on a 12 month cycle. Spots are confirmed once an application is submitted and processed through the Admissions Office. Applications may also be processed on a waitlist if registration dates are submitted 2 or more months prior to the requested start dates.

    Elementary – Lower and Upper Classes: An Elementary Application can be submitted throughout the 10 month academic year. As part of the application process for children registering for Lower or Upper Elementary, the child will participate in an assessment meeting with the Admissions Director.

  • What is included in my tuition fee?

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  • What are the forms of payment for tuition?

    Tuition payments are processed the 1st of every month by direct payment through an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). MCS offers a Lump Sum Payment or Monthly Payments.

    Ancillary fees are invoiced monthly and families will pay through their bank through direct bill payment.

  • Is there anything outside of the tuition fees that I’m obligated to pay for?

    The Toddler & Casa Families have the option to participate in Monthly Fundraisers such as Pizza Day Lunch, Dress Down Days (themed) and our annual Book Fair.

    The Milton Elementary tuition does not include before & after care and the lunch meal plans can be ordered.

    There is a 1 time registration fee that is non-refundable for all programs.

  • What if I want to pull my child out for an extended period of time and then return?

    The Withdrawal & Reapplication Terms will be applicable. A form can be completed and submitted to request withdrawal for 1 month or more. A non-refundable retainer fee will be processed and applied to the tuition upon the child’s re-enrolment date in order to secure a spot. Applications will be reviewed and processed by the Admissions Office, children will not be secured the same classroom upon their return, they will be placed accordingly dependent on spots available at that time.
  • If my child is half day, can they change to full day when s/he is ready?

    Families will be required to provide notification 30 days prior to the change of enrolment, where applicable. The afternoon programming is not assigned to any other child. Reconciliation of payments will apply from the Half to Full Day difference in tuition fees. Families can also request add on afternoons if extra care is needed for an afternoon.
  • Are there any signs of readiness that I need to look for or prepare my child for the start of programming?

    Readiness checklist are used by teaching staff to ensure children are ready to start or transition between programming. All children are required to be walking 1 month prior to their stat date for Toddler. Casa children must be toilet trained. All children entering programming that are 4 years or older will have a simple assessment completed before their application has been approved.
  • What are the classroom ratios:

    Toddler 1:5 – 15 Children per class
    Casa 1:8 – 24 children per class
    Elementary 1-20
  • Does MCS offer Transportation?

    Transportation is not currently offered at MCS.